Using QuickDic

QuickDic is a non-commercial product. Its copying is permitted and its distribution is especially desired. By setting up QuickDic you receive a fast electronic dictionary free of charge with a database containing more than 325,000 expressions in each language. And it can do a bit more than just translating words.

More Information can be found on an extra site.

Latest version

You can download the current version 7.4 as self-extracting .exe file or as .zip file:

QuickDic75_db50.exe (5,542,924 Bytes) or (5,660,849 Bytes)
Each of these files contains version 7.5 of the Windows application, the manual, some sample lessons for each language, and the latest database version 50.

You can find all information about the program in the manual QuickDic-e.htm or have a look at some screenshots.