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You may freely use, copy, and distribute this software, provided that no fee is charged for such use, copying or distribution, and it is distributed only in whole in its original unmodified state.

Taking data from QuickDic's database or using it in part or in whole for other purposes or with other programs than QuickDic requires a written agreement from the author.

QuickDic is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The person using the software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software and to the correctness of the dictionary. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect, or similar damages due to use of the software.

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Program setup

Once unpacked, QuickDic can immediately be run. Hence there is no typical installation program (yet). To unpack just follow the instructions below.

The installation of QuickDic will be completed as soon as you run the program for the first time.

You can use the Configuration dialog later to create a shortcut for your desktop or Start menu.

Bug fixes in version 7.5

It's possible again to enter all umlauts including the ß in QuickQuiz.

Optimized the order of the words in QuickQuiz.

Features and bug fixes in version 7.4

Navigation through the history can be done by using the additional mouse buttons.

The Word Boundary restriction did not work correctly in some cases.

The Personal Dictionary editor now supports Ctrl-Y in addition to Ctrl-Shift-Z for 'redo' which might be more common nowadays. The shortcut to sort the entries is no longer F4 but F2 so that F4 can always be used to open the history list of the search expressions.

Highlighting the matching part with Swiss mode turned on sometimes did not work correctly.

Creating the database on the first run sometimes failed with an access violation.

Bug fixes in version 7.3

Doing random lessons in QuickQuiz, it was not possible to enter expressions which contain remarks like (AE) or (BE).

Fixed the position of the main window on start-up and all pop-up menu positions for multi-monitor configuration.

When TopDesk was running simultaneously, there was an access violation on exiting.

The "right mouse button" function of the keyboard opened a pop-up menu in the editor even if the caret was outside the visible area.

Entering unicode characters resulted in unspecific search results.

Under Windows Vista, some letters could be truncated by a pixel in the result list.

When searching the personal dictionary the option "match whole expression" was ignored.

Larger images of 48x48 and 256x256 were added to the application icon, which are especially used by Windows Vista.

Features and bug fixes in version 7.2

Program window can be minimized with Alt-M

Minur fixes, especially GUI related for Windows Vista

Bug fixes in version 7.1

The settings of a lesson will all be used in QuickQuiz now

GUI problems resolved which appeared when trying to launch the program when there was already an instance running

Removing invalid entries in the personal dictionary now works as expected

Corrected and added some hotkeys

Improved the dialogs in which fonts and colors can be selected

Searches for Lucida Sans Unicode by default in order to display phonetic transcription if Arial Unicode MS is not installed

Bug fixes in version 7.0.2

Any Unicode-enabled font can be selected for displaying phonetic transcriptions now.

Provided more appropriate default settings.

Bug fixes in version 7.0.1

After decompressing the files overwriting an older version, an error message was displayed on start-up.

Problems entering German umlauts in SmileMan resolved.

New features in version 7.0

Completely revised editor for your personal dictionary and lessons

Enhancement of QuickQuiz for learning vocabulary

Copying and printing

Miscellaneous new features

Major bug fixes

New features in version 6.0

The direction of translation can automatically be changed

Improved settings, for example:

The personal database now allows you to insert Tab separated translations and supports LF or CRLF as line separators

Graphics have been added to QuickQuiz to clarify the progress of the lesson you're learning

The background graphics at SmileMan and LetraMix can be disabled or customized

New features in version 5.9

Lessons in subfolders can be renamed now

Fixed some more bugs

New Features in version 5.8

Now it's guaranteed that all exact matchings will always be displayed, especially when the number of search results is limited and after automatic look-up.

Hall of Fame "Top 5" for lessons

Unknown words from lessons can automatically be added to the personal dictionary

New features in version 5.7

Phonetic transcriptions of frequently used words in both languages

Option to observe the Clipboard and automatically translate words copied to the Clipboad

Icons and menu can be hidden in order to save space on the screen

A lot of small improvements and bug fixes

New features in version 5.6

On popular request: optionally minimizes to the system tray when you click [x] in the window's title

Fixed problems with displaying the hint window, especially under Windows NT

New features in version 5.5

QuickDic can check for upgrades

You can use your own dictionary to create and print crossword puzzles

Pressing Ctrl-Space when adding words to your personal dictionary in the editor completes the word based on the previous line

Fixed some bugs

New features in version 5.4

None, but removed some bugs including one that could result in loss of your user dictionary. And sometimes there was an Index out of bounds error when you double-clicked a search result to look it up.

Thanks for all your feedback. I really hope you don't find any more bugs now ;-)

New features in version 5.2

Beside some minor bug fixes these problems were solved:

New features:


Modifcations in version 5.1

The main concern this time was to remove bugs and to improve a lot of finer details, including:

New features in version 5.0

New features in version 4.1

New features in version 4.0

Modifications since version 3.0

New features in version 3.0