Further Options

Evaluate special characters

Enables some characters within the search expression to have a special meaning. Please have a look at Special characters for detailed information.

Ignore case

You can instruct QuickDic to do case sensitive or case insensitive pattern matching.

If you deactivate Ignore case, bear in mind that you will have to enter German nouns and proper nouns with an initial capital.

Show German gender

Shows additional information about the German gender and number of German nouns whenever this information is available from the database.

The following abbreviations are used:

[m,sg] masculine singular [m,pl] masculine plural
[f,sg] feminine singular [f,pl] feminine plural
[n,sg] neuter singular [n,pl] neuter plural

Show irregular verbs

Searches and shows extra information about conjugated verbs.

Show phonetic transcriptions

Additionally displays phonetic transcriptions to most English and some German words.